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January 13, 2014, 11:33 AM

Wondering where all the answers come from

I am inundated with questions as a father, husband, and preacher.  It just seems to be a fact of life to be asked questions.  "Why is the sky blue?"  "Will you help me with this?"  "Do you think its scriptural to _____________?" 

Where do the answers for these questions come from?  Because I sure dont have all of them.  I like to read blogs and articles, most of them propose answers to various issues, polls, and problems... but what if they're wrong?  What if we're wrong?  What if the answers we thought we knew are based on partial knowledge, bad historical decisions that got passed down, or are simply based on 100% speculation and assumption?!  What if?

What if in trying to find answers we can stand on, we've forgotten the questions we were supposed to be answering!!!!  In the midst of the storm, instead of asking "why is this happening to me?" maybe we need to remember the question:  "Why are you afraid?" (Matt 8:26).  When we cant find our way out, up, or through life's mire: "Do you believe I can make you see?" (Matt 9: 26).  When we have to try and balance what we know God wants us to do and whether his promises will actually stand: "Why did you doubt me?" (Matt 14: 31).  

Maybe more than all these questions, what comes as the root of the problem is that we've forgotten the answer to one of the most important questions Jesus ever asked:  "Who do you say that I am?"  (Matt 16: 15).  How have we answered that question?  Most of the time we choose doctrine or rules to try and answer that question.  For example, Jesus you are the Lord of THIS church, with THIS name, and with THESE beliefs.  We have begun to define Jesus by how we answer all other questions about all the other things we have thought are important enough to distinguish us......but what if the question that holds the key to figuring out all the other questions is to simply identify Jesus' place and identity within our own places and identities?  

So who do we say that He is?  Are we saying he is a mean-spirited dictator who wields his condemning judgment on those who disagree with us or sin differently than us?  Are we defining Jesus as a God ignorant of the poor and hurting by marginalizing the poor and hurting?  Do our actions (or lack thereof) paint a picture of God who is content to check off his weekly attendance and communion register and be dismissed while we pursue our own desires and passions the rest of the week?  

"Who do you say that I am?" I know how I want to answer that question, its connecting the answers in my heart with the "answers" in my head that proves that I havent answered that question how I know I should.  I long to walk with God through the garden in the cool of the evening... I long to stand on the edge of the Red Sea with an army behind me and knowing there will be a miracle in front of me...  I wish I could see the waves and feel the wind of the storm while we cross the lake (and Jesus sleeps in the back of the boat), knowing I'll get to the other side and enjoying the ride of my life!  

I wish I could answer that question with the peace of knowing the blood dripping from the cross alleviates me from guilt, the need to judge, the arrogance of pride and envy, and the uncertainty of the reaching hands of Grace...  But my life consistently proves otherwise. I'm too caught up answering all the wrong questions to make certain I've answered THE question.  

Whats your answer? 



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