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May 20, 2013, 10:38 AM

Why Simplicity is Important

Good Day Reader! 

Who wants one more thing to do this week?  Anyone?  (insert cricket noises here).  

Of course not! No one wants more things to add to an already busy schedule.  Even if your schedule is mercifully not packed to the brim, adding more and more responsibility until it is packed to the brim is not smart or healthy.  

Too many of us are living with schedules that have us moving, running, lifting, driving, sitting, learning, and watching non-stop.  Then you get to church and I have more challenges or programs to throw at you.  Or, I lay on the guilt for having too many other things going on that take you away from focusing on the important pieces of your life like following Jesus and all that goes along with that journey. 

Needless to say, it gets more and more overwhelming until something has to go.  Too often I'm afraid its the journey of faith that suffers in the due course of doing life.  After all, we can study late Saturday night for our Sunday morning class, or even fit it in on the way into church.  We can leave our Bibles in the car conventiently there for pickup on the way into the building.  

Where I'm going with this is here:  we must simplify.  I dont mean dumbing things down, I mean streamlining our thought processes and making our faith journey one of instinct and not a conscious decision we weigh against every other decision we try and make throughout the day.  How much easier would it be if making the Christ-like decisions were as natural as breathing and self preservation?!!!  How much freedom would come if we naturally directed our attention to the things that took us closer to God and not away (through distraction, temptation, or outright sin)!  

This is the premise to the upcoming sermons series on the book The 10 Second Rule.  We need to retrain ourselves to react instinctively to the things that we're sure Jesus would want us to do.  And do those things within 10 seconds of feeling that prompt.  We will have an area in the lobby that you can share your stories of what happened when you followed your prompts.  I shared a story of making a very difficult phone call I "had" to make this week based on my prompting that something needed to be done based on some information shared with me from a former youth group member.  I could have easily shook off the prompt and assured myself that someone else would take care of it....... but that only allows me to make more excuses why I dont want to follow Jesus fully. 

I'm sure the priest and the levite had excellent reasons why they didnt stop on their way into Jericho to help the man who was robbed, beaten, and left by the side of the road.  Their excuses would sound fully rational to us, as busy, rushed beings.  The problem is, those excuses are becoming louder and more convincing than the voice of Jesus crying for mercy, forgiveness, peace, and compassion!!!  

We must become an instinctually reactive people, reacting to this world and its opportunities through the characteristics and eyes of Jesus. 

You've got 10 seconds to make it happen.......... GO!!!



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