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October 24, 2016, 9:01 AM

Why is the Good stuff always the Hardest?

I feel like (and this is selfishness talking here) that Jesus could have made the REALLY important stuff we are supposed to do as Christians a whole lot easier.  Forgiveness is really, really difficult.  No matter how well you forgive a wrong, forgetting it is another matter all together.  Repentance is really, really difficult.  Habits are hard to break for a reason, we're built with them in our very nature and fiber as beings.  So stopping one is not an easy prospect.  

Confession, thats an awkward and uncomfortable prospect.  Peacemaking means we get thrown under the bus at times, not being able to fully realize the fruit of our efforts (of having them be reciprocated even).  

Why is all this stuff, the IMPORTANT stuff, really difficult?  Well, Selfish Chris, its not difficult.  You've made it difficult.  

We have trained ourselves to avoid something that makes us look less.  Can you imagine if someone labeled you "James - the Less" today?  We'd have a fit!  The act of Confession means we've made a mistake in which we need to take accountability.  Forgiveness means we need to put ourselves second, shuffle our priorities to include those of others.  Peacemaking means we dont get to say those witty comebacks we've been practicing in the shower.  

We've been trained to THRIVE in those moments that make ourselves bigger, stronger, more dominant.  Jesus calls us to the back of the line, to the bottom rung of the ladder... to the places where confession, repentance, and forgiveness THRIVE.  

For me, golf is difficult.  You know why?  Because I've played it twice in my life.  I know that if I played it regularly, I'd get better... exponentially.  Maybe forgiveness and confession are so hard for us because we've never really done them.  I bet if we try, and practice the characteristics of Jesus more they wouldn't be so difficult.  In fact, I bet the Church could get pretty good at them.  


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