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February 6, 2017, 8:02 AM

Who Am I? I'm 24601

This blog entry is going to bridge between two lessons in the Believe series, The Bible and Identity in Christ.  

I start with our topic this past week (2/5/17), The Bible, which spoke into the pointed need for a Christ-Follower to be immersed in the Word of God.  The text and scriptures WILL guide us and shape us and enlighten us.  We can find ourselves with paths made straight, and discovering God's character completely by digesting the Word of God.  The heart of the sermon and lesson was the oft-repeated mantra: Read Your Bible. 

If you wander in the undiscovered or unmapped places of the world, you better have a compass that points true North.  When we wander this world of undiscovered temptations and unmapped paths, we better carry something trustworthy and true with us.  We cant find our way home without the Story.  No amount of spiritualization of our lives will overcome the need for a biblical center.  

Which leads us to our second point:  Who am I? We have many identifying features we pull out when asked that question: "I'm a ______ (occupation); I'm _______'s child; etc... etc...  We keep these labels handy so we can quickly disseminate enough information to another to either find common ground or explain why we're qualified for a specific task.  

What identity do we fall to when we're asked a moral question?  The "24601" number is a reference to Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.  He is faced with just such a moral question.  He is a wanted man, having been paroled from a jail sentence, he is marked with the stigma of being a criminal.  Pursued by a relentless force bent on imprisoning him again (criminals never change in his eyes), Jean has created a new identity.  On to his quandry:  He is told that a Jean Valjean has been captured in Paris and will face trial.  The real Jean Valjean has the choice:  be free, finally, OR do not let an innocent man face the wrath of his poor choices.  

The scene from the book/play/movie is amazing and powerful and enlightening.  Which would you choose?  Is your identity shaped by Christ and his Story?  Or are we carving our own paths of moral ambiguity?  

I'm 24601.  

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