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June 27, 2016, 8:21 AM

Wanting to Tell God How it is...

I admit, as a teenager I REALLY did know it all.  I held all the pieces.  If you tried to correct me, I not-so-gently told you how it REALLY was and put you in your place.  In all seriousness, I'm not kidding.  I am ashamed of some of my actions and arguments and behaviors as a younger Chris.  Because the truth is far more painful than any delusion I held on to:  I knew almost nothing

Still don't. 

Which is what brings me to the title of this blog entry:  Our scope of knowledge is limited to what we experience, limited to our own time, to our own understanding.  Which in the grand scheme of the universe equals almost absolute zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  So why do we feel like we have enough depth of knowledge to instruct God about what is good for us?  I'm not throwing any of us under the bus as dissidents or anything of the like.  I'm speaking to the general human arrogance that we know what is best for us.  

Lets put it into a realm a little closer to home:  Golf.  Now I don't golf.  Did it once, lost 4 balls on the first hole, went ahead and called it quits.  However, lets pretend we're together on the golf course.  I've brought along my caddy: Jack Nicklaus.  Yes, the Golden Bear is my caddy.  First tee, I walk over to my bag (held up by the incomparable Jack) and instead of grabbing the driver he holds out to me I grab my putter.  He protests, but I ignore him because I think I can make this 300 ft drive with my putter.  

NO ONE (even if you have no idea about golf's history) would ignore Jack's suggestions on ANY course.  You would fail. 

We have something greater than the best golfer in history on our side: the Creator of the universe.  And he is handing us the tools to survive the day.  His hands reach out to us offering love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness... and instead of grasping those we reach for judgment, condemnation, and gossip.  

"God, you don't know what they've done to me." "God, I just cant love that person right now."  "God, I cant forgive them..."  

He already knows what They've done.  He knows what we've done.  And he has given us all the tools we need to make it through today, tomorrow, and into eternity.  Love.  Love people unconditionally.  Yes, you might get hurt but it is how Jesus lived.  Forgive.  Yes, it means you don't get to get even, but it is how Jesus lived (and died).  Give selflessly.  Yes, you might end up giving more than you receive, but that's how Jesus gave.  

Its time to stop telling God what is best for us.  He already knows.  And he's made it very clear:  Love God; Love People; and Serve Both. 


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