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November 6, 2017, 9:02 AM

Ringing Ears

My ears ring all the time. Too much loud music and concerts. Silence about drives me insane, thus white noise at almost all times around me. I sleep with a fan, have one blowing in my office... and try to make sure there is at least something to overshadow the constant ringing. Now, don't cry for me Argentina, the truth is I did this to myself. There is hope out there for healing, but its still in testing in Germany. 

Here's why I mentioned that: its not just the ringing in my ears that pushes me to avoid silence. When I'm silent that means I'm not talking or making noise. And when I'm not making noise or talking I am receptive to what God would say to me. And that scares me sometimes. 

God can and will speak to us. The Holy Spirit moves actively. The Bible is God's powerful Word. God is desperate to communicate and share with us His heart, His will, and His love. Are we willing to be quiet long enough to listen? Last week (Oct 29) I was moved by God and given direction very clearly on two occasions. Both led to immediate action from me... and for Red Bridge. We walked through both initiatives during the sermon time last week, and you can look at those if you want!  

What I want to emphasize here is WHEN those happened: When I was taking out the trash. I wasn't talking or praying or asking God to direct me. I was quiet... walking outside... AFTER asking God for direction. And God did what I asked. Now we're all praying in that direction because I shut my own mouth for just a few moments!!! 

So here's the big point that we've been pushing the last two weeks of study: LISTEN! We have to an equal (or more) amount of time listening to God than we do telling God everything we want him to do. He WILL communicate with us and direct us. Are we listening? 

Don't be afraid of silence. God may be waiting for us to stop talking and hear what He has in store for us! 

God, what is your will for Red Bridge and what do you need us to do and become?

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