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February 17, 2014, 2:34 PM

Limited time offer, act now before it's too late.

I'm "home" at this moment in Detroit and its part of the nature of the beast that when visiting with my parents I assimilate into their routines a bit. One of those routines is the old school television shows on for most of the morning. Today it was Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger back to back.  This post isn't about those shows, but, boy, the drama sure does play out differently in the happy land of black and white.  I'm writing today because I happened to get caught up watching the commercials. 

They are, in my opinion, more poisonous and greedy than any offering we get during our prime time programming.  Yes, we can complain about the immorality and scandalous nature of the images we see, but they are NOTHING to the targeting and manipulation of your daytime, old folk, medicated crowd. 
The commercials are an intended marketing to the gullible or the desperate. 

To the observant, that appears to be just what it is: marketing to the gullible and desperate. I could see through the flashing letters, the "heartfelt testimonies", and the call-now, limited time offer urgency. It's a baiting tactic to create a lack of security and confidence that only "they" or their product can provide. 

  • If you or someone you love have ever gotten sick from something, there is probably a lawsuit you can be a part of and profit. Just call. 
  • If you're on Medicare, you can get them to pay for everything you don't need. 
  • If you're on this prescription, you are eligible for another medication that will fix all the problems the first one caused. It's a vicious, money making cycle. 

And that was just ONE commercial break. One. There are at least three during each thirty minute program. 

To the unobservant, it looks like they really, really care about your well being and will only be able to help if you CALL NOW!!! I'll admit, that cane that stands on its own and can adjust to whatever terrain you're on, looks pretty sweet. 

My imagination ran, as you expect it to, to the church. 
For lack of a better term, we are a commercial for our faith, for our salvation, for our level of faith. We provide the world a window into our very own moral system, and to what extent we think our product will help to the casual observer.  Within each commercial break, we are provided the opportunity to showcase what we've got.  Are you selling something that creates an urgency? Or are we one of those commercials that is dismissed immediately because of its ridiculous and "crafted" nature? 

 When given the opportunity (things stink, or take a sudden and unexpected turn) how do we approach those who have not chosen our path? Meaning, are we trying to sell them a faith that looks like it solves everything, while holding back the reality behind what we're selling: we don't really believe in its effectiveness either.  There is a danger to saying Jesus is the fix-all solution and then showcasing just how much we doubt that after the commercial break ends.  We need to be buyers and sellers of the same product we use on a daily basis. 

Perhaps it is because we are selling, most often unknowingly, a half-hearted faith that speaks about its effectiveness but the reality is far from it's intended practical and daily use. The commercials the church could make would look nice and orderly, much like our Sunday services, but the reality of most lives would speak to another message all together: we don't really believe most of this stuff either. Sustenance and reliance in God makes a great song, but looks really hard and impractical outside the walls of the church. 

Church, it's time for some truth in advertising. And that means we don't just make better commercials, it means we back up the commercials we've already made. 

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