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November 19, 2012, 9:53 AM

I'd rather be stuck in Egypt...

Good Monday Church Family!

Thank You for an excellent morning of worship yesterday, and much thanks for the outstanding dinner afterward!  I'm still recovering from the onslaught of Thanksgivingly sustinance.  Remember though, that being outwardly grateful and thankful extends far beyond the month of November!!!

I was reminded yesterday that the sermon topic fell in line with one of the major story threads of the O.T. (Thanks Mike!!!), and I want to expound on that a little here.  Church, you just have to love the Israelites ("Bless Their Hearts").  They give us so much hope and present such a convicting story line.  Unfortunately, most of the hope they provide is the fact that we probably cant do things as backwards and goofy as they do.  I mean, honestly, they had God showing up in plain sight (pillar of cloud by day, pillar of fire by night, smoke and thunder on a mountaintop to name a few) and they still managed to gripe, complain, and whine themselves into 40 years of the best desert lifestyle.  This is on top of the display of God's power and majesty through the 10 plagues thrown upon the nation of Egypt that allowed them to walk, yes walk, out of Egypt after generations of captivity and slavery. 

Through it all, God understood the difficulty ahead; He understood how drastic a change it was going to be; and He knew the people were going to be in for a rough road.  Check out Exodus 13: 17 - 18. God made their path not the shortest, but the one of lesser resistance because he didnt want them whining immediately to go back to Egypt.  God's foresight here is truly profound (as it always is).  He understood the anxiety level the people were going through moving from slaves to freedom to the ultimate claiming of the Promised Land.  Its what they wanted and were crying out for for generations, but when it comes to the reality of freedom, independance, facing the "unknown", they proved themselves unprepared!  

So God saves them from battle right away and leads them to the edge of the Red Sea.  Read Exodus 14:10 - 12.  What God tried to avoid happening, happens.  "Why did you take us out of Egypt?  There were more than enough graves to bury us all there!!"    This thread continues throughout Isreal's travels, practically right up to the moment Jesus arrives (then afterward too).  They cry for deliverance, receive their freedom, then whine themselves back into trouble. 

Church, we fall into the same trap dont we?!  We cry for freedom in Christ... "FORGIVE US!!" "Deliver us from this world's grip!" And then we fall captive again to the lifestyle of sin, temptation, and indulgence.

God has heard our cries, he has paved the way to forgiveness, deliverance, and salvation.  And we get pulled back again and again by our reluctance to embrace our freedom in Christ and the lifestyle it creates in us.  

Does freedom in Christ mean that everything turns rosey and happy?  Nope.  Cancer is still cancer.  Divorce is still divorce.  Financial trouble is still financial trouble.  How we respond to what the world throws at us is what changes.  Or is what should change.  When we rid ourselves of the anxiety of separating ourselves from this world's desires, we allow ourselves to see things for what they really are: a temporary blip on our way to something greater!  This world is not our home... This battle you're facing is not the end... The hardships, while genuinely difficult to bear, are only going last a little while...  Something better is coming, the Promised Land is near.  

We have been freed from sin, freed from the world's greed. Does your life, do your words, do you reactions, do you friendships all reflect that?  Do we have that glazed over look on our faces that comes from being focused on things outside the pull of this world?  

I'm thinking Heaven sounds a lot more appealing than Egypt.  


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