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September 12, 2016, 8:13 AM

Hot or Cold isnt the same as Conservative or Liberal **

That's a mouthful.  Especially for a blog title that's supposed to grab our attention and quickly dispense a point.  But I'm sticking with it.  I read a social media post this past Saturday evening that refuses to let me be, so I'm using this format to discuss it a bit with you.  My political knowledge and leanings are minimal at best... mostly I'm annoyed at how the election high jacks the news for months and months on end.  In other words, I am not going to blow your mind with some political insight.  

I do want to talk about how it affects our faith though, or at least how it affects our behavior.  Its a hot topic for sure, and some buzz words come forward every four years that "help" us determine which side we stand on:  Liberal and Conservative.  At the very core, those are decent enough descriptors for political leanings... and I would say I lean definitely towards what is typically the conservative stance.  

However... However... the words are being abused greatly; With one being almost solely used to describe one political party or another.  Once you are labeled as one, there's no changing or going back without repercussions.  It like voting the party line, selecting the box for all Republicans or Democrats on the ballot.  There's no room for real action there.  

How about those labels when it comes to our belief systems?  It is inherently assumed that the conservative outlook is the biblical stance.  And liberal is the worldly or errant place to be.  To quote the article I've read:  "there is nothing Spiritual, in and of itself, of conservative or liberal position on anything." **  We want to prove ourselves literate and subject to scriptural doctrine....... but what if we've missed the point based on our concern more to be conservative than actually act like Jesus?

Let me explain that last thought:  Jesus and the Pharisees were quite similar, and had a lot in common.  I am guilty of making them the butt of a joke, or antagonists in a lesson.  Their contributions to faith and religion cannot be overlooked.  Without them, Christianity would not have had the foundation for growth, nor the political shelter to operate freely within the Roman occupation.  They were instrumental to the birth and growth of the Christian movement...... even if they fought it.  

One could establish (quite convincingly) that they were the conservative arm of the faith system.  They protected the Law, down to the letter.  Entering the scene was a man who challenged some of that system, pushing its limits at every turn.  Why?  Why did he do this?  Was it to enrage them to the point of playing their part in his crucifixion?  No.  Was it to play a political card, challenging the established order of things within Roman occupation?  No.  Was it simply to be different?  No.  

Jesus was labeled "liberal" because instead of pushing Law he pushed Love.  And that made him a raging liberal.  He challenged their system by including everyone.  He challenged their ideas of what purity meant by touching the untouchable, healing sinners, and dining with the outcasts.  Everything he did pushed his agenda:  Love.  Now lets not get confused here, he did not come to abolish the Law.  He held to the Temple rules for purity... he just didnt extend them beyond those walls.  (Washing hands, utensils, etc...).  

We need a new position, or party to stand with:  Jesus.  And we need a new agenda:  love.  

** inspired by thoughts from Bobby Valentine, 09/09

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