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November 20, 2017, 9:33 AM

Forever Requires Unity

It could be said that yesterday's theme was the word: Forever. (11/19/17). The sermons I preached were both focused on Psalm 136 which has the repeated phrase: "His Love Endures Forever." Sunday morning's sermons hit on the four themes of the Psalm: God's Person, God's Power, God's Provision, and God's Purpose. Sunday evening held a slightly different approach to the Psalm, focusing instead on one word: Forever. 

What makes that word unique is how big it really is. Forever is eternal, before our beginning and long after our end. Trying to fathom forever will only create a headache. It is that very nature of the idea of forever that I want to repeat today in this blog. If we really believe God's love endures forever then we have to adjust how we act/respond to some temporary things. 

In light of the sheer hugeness of forever all the little things that seem so bothersome in our every day travels start to pale and diminish. In light of forever what we think is important becomes trivial. When we live with a forever mindset, the will of God becomes greater and our will becomes less. I thought about this concept of God's eternal love when I shaped the second sermon I preached... at the Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service. This was an hour of worship that included four very different Christian traditions and denominations. In the every day, normal routine of things we go about our business as four very separate groups of people. 

And yet.... when we take into consideration FOREVER our perspective and ideas of division must change and adjust. Forever, at least for one hour on a Sunday night in November 2017, meant that we could focus on what unites us as believers: Christ and him crucified. When we have a forever mindset we can seek the best in each other. And we discover just how much we have in common. Even if the way we do things looks and sounds different (I've never heard a prayer or hymn in Egyptian before last night!). 

Discover a Forever mindset, especially when this world pushes us to focus on the trivial problems of today. Seek Forever relationships and endeavors that keep us focused on what really matters: Christ and him crucified. 


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