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June 22, 2015, 9:30 AM


'Tis but a short blog: 

No more excuses.  


Ok, it will be a little longer than that.  I need to follow up on some sermon thoughts yesterday (06/21/15), and reiterate something vital that doesn't get nearly the amount of press it deserves from Romans 1.  It is verse 20:  "So they will have no excuse for not knowing God."  

Paul is speaking of people outside the realm of regular attenders and those in the "know" who have made worship and seeking God part of their routine.  He speaks here of all people who gobble up air on this planet.  Everyone is without an excuse for knowing God based on the glory (and fact) of creation.  The power exhibited in creation speaks to the magnificence of God.........and removes every excuse there is to knowing Him.  I like how blunt Paul is here.  There is no room given to arguments of evolution (Micro or Macro), old-Earth vs new-Earth...  Its simple:  God is, and has given us everything we need to see Him.  

So whats our excuse? That question is to those who do "know".  How do we explain the marginalization of things like evangelism, accountability, and forgiveness within modern Christianity when the evidence of our Creator is so plainly stated that even people who sleep until 2pm on Sunday can see and know him?  We've thrust reputation, financial security, and infrastructure to the top of the priority list for Church and as individuals.  And we have excuses at the ready for why we don't reach our neighbors, seek unity among believers, and live in peace with those we with whom we disagree.  

While the target of Paul's language was non-believers... We're not off the hook.  No more excuses.  

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