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November 12, 2012, 10:18 AM

Did Jesus really NOT say that?!

Good Monday Readers!

Yesterday morning we walked through some of the changes and growth that we see develop in everyone's favorite Gospel friend, Peter.  From the very beginning of his calling Peter displays both raw dedication and the ability to believe Jesus' words at their most basic of levels (and the uncanny ability to overrule all of that in a fit of emotion!!).  

When Jesus calls him from the most amazing catch of fish he had ever seen, he interpreted "Follow Me" as "Follow Me".  I'm pretty sure you and I would hold fast in our shoes these days and have a list of questions to ask Jesus concerning all of the plans he left out of those two words.  We've become a society that questions everything, which in a way is a very good thing... but when it comes to the commands of Jesus, (who we must remember is the Son of God, and ALL authority was given to him), we need to throw those questions out the window and take him at his word.  

Take a tour back to John 6: 60 - 69 this week...  Really, go grab your Bible and get there.  Jesus confuses the people, disgusts them even by his analogy of his Body and Blood.  Many are so disgusted that they walk away.  They didnt wait around for the explanation, they didnt wait for the point to be laid clear, they just walked away.  

Jesus then turns to his closest friends and ask them "Are you leaving too?"

Church, we must be driven to the level of Peter's response here:  "Where else would I go Jesus?  Who else can compare to you?"

There is nothing that can compare to Jesus.  Nothing that speaks with his authority.  Nothing that lasts.  Nothing that trumps his Love.  Nothing that shakes his dedication to you.  Nothing that can hold a candle to the way he thinks about you.  

Yet we run.  And we turn to the world for our identity.  We turn to our peers to identify ourselves.  We turn to our wallets, we turn to our jobs, our titles, our status... 

This week, close your eyes, ears, and hearts to the voice of the world and its attempts to try and hand you an identity based on its standards.  Turn your eyes, ears, and hearts to the voice that cries out from the Cross, from the Empty Tomb, and from the realm of the Kingdom of God... its saying "Follow Me..."  

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