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November 5, 2012, 11:00 AM



So I got to test my default setting yesterday afternoon... Sigh.  

If you dont know what I'm referencing, let me offer an explanation.  Everything has a default setting.  That is, the setting with which it was created.  Your calculator has a Default setting.  Your computer has a default setting.  If things go wrong, you hit the reset button or throw in the install disk and things are magically transported backwards to the setting with which it was sent out of the factory.  

YOU have a default setting.  However, those settings have gotten messed with, adjusted, tweaked, turned, and shifted based on your collective experience with culture, faith, family, and the general environment in which you operate.  Through it all though, you have a core identity, a core piece of who you are...   What is that default setting?

Now, I know what it is supposed to be.  Remember all those Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5?  Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control!! That SHOULD be your default setting.  Compassion, tenderness, general good feelings towards your fellow human inhabitants.  

Insert the neighbor.  Insert the dramatic testing of my default.  Insert my failure to respond with ANY of the Fruit of the Spirit.  Insert my hand hitting my forehead (as many times as you think necessary).  Yes, I preached on this very thing yesterday morning.  Yes, I proved my inability to act Christ-like mere hours afterward.  I'm in need of your forgiveness.  

My response?  I raised my voice back, asking what I thought were reasonable questions... but really I was defensive and accusatory.  I let my default setting of selfishness and anger burst forth.  I need to hit the reset button.  I need to answer the question that Jesus asks Peter in John 21.  "Do You Love Me?" 

I wasnt feeding sheep, I was shoveling manure.  All because my default setting was skewed.  

Church, fellow readers, friends, strangers:  Time for a reset.  Its time for our community to know us as Believers who have dropped this world's nets and base our identity in Christ alone... dead to everything else.  


In related news, I'm looking at getting the sermons at RBCOC recorded and posted here ASAP.  Not that I think you're overly interested, but it might be nice to connect these Monday Morning thoughts with the sermon that precedes them.  


Stay Salty Church... Stay Salty. 


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