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October 10, 2016, 10:00 AM

Coming home to a clean house

We just got back from a trip North and there is something relevant here I wanted to write about:  Coming home to a clean house. 

I need to be transparent here:  I do not like cleaning up.  BUT I like coming home to a messy house after a vacation even less, so cleaning is the plan.  However, I need you to know that my definition of cleaning up is WAY different than those with higher standards (my wife).  For me, a room is clean if I can stand in a doorway and not see the mess.  No, I do not condone sweeping things under the rug, but I'm usually pretty content with toys in the right pile, and general orderliness. 

That doesnt usually work though, and only adds to the general disorder of things when someone with standards actually tries to clean up after me.  Their eyes are trained to see the mess, seek out the dust in the corners and leave the room actually.........clean.  Whereas I like to leave the room.......... sort of clean. 

Do you wonder if thats what Jesus sees when he looks at us?  He is coming back.  That is truth.  We have staked our entire faith existence on the fact that we know he's coming back.  What is he going to find?  His standards are high.  The dark corners WILL be exposed and any things we've swept under the rug will be brought into the light.  

Are we still trying to keep those habits and sins in the dark, where we think they'll never see the light of day?  Do we live as though we'll have another day to tidy up?  I'm not one for doom and gloom, but there's a reality that has to be faced concerning our laziness for confession and repentance.  "It will wait..." "There's always tomorrow... (insert the rest of the Annie lyrics here)."  

There is NOT tomorrow.  There is no time to wait.  Jesus' message to his disciples was to face those dark corners immediately and to not fall into the trap of the Pharisees (whom took pride in their outward appearance but were ignorant to the darkness inside).  

The time for sweeping up is now. 


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