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December 3, 2012, 9:39 AM

But I like to Slouch......

Hello again! 

As I sit here typing, looking back up at the title that I just gave this entry, I cant help but notice that I am hunkered down in my chair with stooped shoulders and a good curve to my back.  I do not have good posture when I'm sitting at my computer.  In fact, lt me go through all of the areas where I think I need to improve my posture:  walking, running, sitting, standing, eating, sleeping, and maybe even leaning.  If I dont make myself aware of my posture, I'm going to slouch.  So, I'd like you to take a second and stretch out and then sit back down with a nice straight back.  Doesnt that feel better?  (yeah, I'm still in the same typing position... do as I say, not as I type).  

Now that you're sitting upright and breathing easier, we need to remind ourselves of the other kind of posture.  The one that communicates much more than "I dont stand up straight."  Remember this illustration from yesterday:  Men, which should you believe when approaching this situation:  A woman you love is standing tall, arms firmly crossed.  Her eyebrows are furled and there is only a line visible for a mouth.  When you naturally ask "Whats wrong, Honey?"  She replies: "NOTHING!"   Should you believe the words or the posture?  

If you guessed the words... you're probably single.  Of course you need to read the message she is sending you in her posture.  The body language is communicating that you are in trouble and you need to get to apologizing for everything you've done wrong... ever.  

Church, our body language communicates in a very similar way.  We have all the right words:  "WELCOME!!" or "JESUS LOVES YOU!!" or even "GOD BLESS YOU!"  Does our posture communicate the same message?  Do we have arms outstretched?  Do we offer helping hands?  Are we willing to get on their level in order to bring them into a closer relationship with Jesus?  If we use these words of welcome and greeting but then completely disengage from them to sit with our friends, what does that communicate?  When someone shares a prayer request or a need, do we acknowledge it with one of our "churchy" responses (oh, I'll pray for you) then walk away unphased and disengaged?  

I'm not trying to lay on the guilt, but this is too good of an opportunity to not use as an example.  At the Thanksgiving banquet on November 18th, I came down as one of the last people to join the meal after the morning services.  The fellowship hall was FULL!!  People were genuinely enjoying themselves and the atmosphere was truly thankful and festive.  However, at one table there was, sitting alone, a visitor.  She wasnt looking around, she was quietly concentrating on her plate of food.  Church, what were we communicating to her at that very moment?  Yes, our posture made us cold and unwelcoming while we were using words of thanksgiving and gratitude.  

Take some time to read John 8: 1 - 10 and Luke 19: 1 - 11 this morning, afternoon, or evening.  Dont just read it casually though, use your eyes.  SEE what Jesus did, SEE how Jesus used his posture to protect, heal, and show compassion.  After his posture communicated his intent, he was able to use words that cut to the core.  

Its time for the Body of Christ to use its body language to send a message of compassion, welcome, and love.  That requires us to stoop a little more, bend our backs in service a little more, and get our hands dirty as we grow the Kingdom.   

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