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March 10, 2014, 10:59 AM

A Unicorn, A Pelican, A Crocodile's Entrails, and the Plants in My Office...

Yesterday (3/9/14) was a treat.  We got to hear and experience the beauty of music from a gifted group of singers (Harding's Chamber Singers).  I'm not an expert in music, nor can I identify the specific complexities of what made the arrangements and parts so beautiful.  What I can identify is the emotional beauty and connect I had with dynamic voices united to glorify God.  It was outstanding.  If you missed it, I'm sorry for all the adjectives I've just thrown out about the event, you missed out for sure!  

One of the songs presented by the Chamber Singers stuck with me long after it's closing notes, and unfortunately it is not because of the beauty of the composition or its performance.  Dr. Kelly Neill introduced the song, Unicornis Captivatur​, as a song that displayed the ability of certain monks to see the glory of God in everything from fantasy and those imaginative places we create to the harsher realities of real life.  Having the emotional depth of a middle school boy, I couldnt help but giggle at the lyrics.  I mean, how cool is it that this group was singing a beautiful composition that included the words: "The hydra enters the crocodile, Deprives it of its entrails, kills it, then comes back alive"?!!!  It doesnt need to be said that this was my favorite moment of the concert!  Apparently, Latin makes even the guts of a large reptile sound beautiful.  

Silliness and grossness aside, what struck me was the chorus that planted itself between each of the verses.  "Sing Alleluia..."  Crying out praises to God who is the victorious lion! The composer of this work echoes the profound nature of those that seek God, seek to praise God, and ultimately see the Glory of God everywhere.  Much like the plants in my office who stretch themselves with every fiber of their being to reach the sunlight streaming through the window.  

I love having plants in my office.  I dont know why, as I typically avoid having plants at home, nor have I ever shown a propensity for gardening. Currently I have two plants, both simple shades of green and of your average house plant variety.  They show no dynamic characteristics other than those shown by every other house plant in front of every other window.  Yet I find in these two normal plants something extraordinary.  They reach for the sun.  While they do what all plants do: growing, pushing deeper into the soil, establishing a root-base, and turning my hot air into breathable O2, they are always stretching South.  I've turned them around so they dont lean one direction and grow crooked, but to no avail.  No matter which way I turn the pots, the plants lean toward the window... always.  

Here's the lesson I'm drawing from all of these caveats:  in the midst of everything are we stretching ourselves towards God?  While the Unicorn is captured, or while we hunt down that elusive state known as financial security, are we stretching with arms wide proclaiming Alleluia?  While we work tirelessly to establish ourselves in this world are we stretching our hearts to God with his praises on our lips? 

I fear we only reach out casually in whispers of Alleluia.  The fantasies of life distract us to the point that we forget the true source of contentment and fulfillment.  We reach out with extended arms for the joy of reputation and security in the fleeting comforts the world has to offer.  We cry Alleluia at the appropriate and scheduled times, when our voices are drowned out by the bustle of the crowd around us doing the same thing.  In everything, we must be crying and shouting Alleluia.  Because the Lion of Judah has been victorious over sin and death.  

I'm thankful I've never had to experience the entrails of a crocodile up-close-and-personal.  Hopefully if that day ever comes, I can do so with the cry of Alleluia on my heart and lips... Because God is there, wrapping himself around me.  

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